STC Summit 2012 Presentation: Using Video in Tech Comm

I am excited to be presenting at this year’s STC Summit. Last year I presented in the Beyond the Bleeding Edge session on how technical writers can leverage their skills to contribute to an organization’s social media strategy. An ancillary benefit to attending the conference was that I met Ben Johnson. Proof that STC member networking works, Ben and I connected after the conference via email and discussed social media and video use in documentation.

As we helped each other and thought about ways we could improve our video use as technical communicators, we decided to share what we have learned by submitting a proposal to present at the STC Summit 2012. Gratefully, it was accepted. Below is the preliminary information for our presentation [updated link after presentation]. You can find it on the STC Summit 2012 website or by clicking the presentation title below:

Using Videos to Enhance ‘traditional’ Documentation

Session description: The way users consume information is becoming increasingly visual. Technical communicators can address this need and increase user satisfaction by creating video tutorials.

Learning outcomes:

  • Audience members will see the value that technical communicators give documentation enhanced with rich media (ROI and case deflection metrics)
  • Choosing video topics: The content to enhance documentation must be carefully chosen so that it supplements documentation and doesn’t impair it
  • Tools: How to create videos using existing content and UGC (user generated content) including content from social media

We will continue to think, revise, and improve the work that we do with videos and we hope that our experience working with videos in documentation as technical communicators will be beneficial to others. We hope to continue making connections with other STC members who work on similar projects themselves so we can continue to learn from the experiences of our peers.

For instance, Larry Kunz (SDI Global Solutions) posed some good questions recently pertaining to videos in documentation in his blog post Ten thousand words. The conversation that ensued was great to follow. My co-presenter, Ben Johnson, replied to Larry’s questions with some of the information that we will be presenting in May.

We hope to see you there and to continue this discussion in Chicago-Rosemont and beyond.


For the audio/video for our presentation, visit the Summit@aClick site (first 5 minutes free, login required) Using Videos to Enhance “Traditional” Documentation.

Fer O’Neil and Ben Johnson after our presentation


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2 responses to “STC Summit 2012 Presentation: Using Video in Tech Comm

  1. Thanks to Ben for hiis superb response to my blog article, and thanks to both of you for giving this presentation. I eagerly look forward to attending your session at the Summit.

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