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Paper abstract: Is Technical Communications Rhetorical? Ought It Be?

I am excited for the opportunity to attend the Southwest Texas Popular Culture and American Culture Association Conference ( SW/TX PCA/ACA Conference) this February. When I received an email from a professor at my school (Minnesota State University, Mankato) with information about the conference, I was interested immediately. There are many topics covered at the conference but my subject area of interest is “Computer, The Internet & Technical Writing” and specifically, the Rhetoric and Technical Communication subject chaired by Sean Zdenek of Texas Tech University. Continue reading



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The Technical Writer’s Influence on Social Media Strategy

Originally published: Fer O’Neil, Techniques, Spring 2011, page 8.


Social Media Specialist Wanted: Technical Communicators Need Not Apply

Would you like to find a technical communications position working with social media making between $75k and $100k a year? Of course you would, but you will not find one advertised on Craigslist (or any other job search). There are hundreds of new social media positions available but nearly all are offered within the “Marketing/Advertising/PR job category. Then why are you reading about a job search for a job that does not exist?    see below to continue reading…

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