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Reflections on Finishing a Technical Communication Graduate Program

As I reach the end of my time at Minnesota State University, Mankato, I can look back and say that I made the right choice to pursue the Master of Arts, Technical Communication (MATC) degree.

Before my penultimate semester in the program, I pondered whether the graduate technical communication program I chose was the correct option for me. Once again, I want to take some time to reflect on the choices I made, the experiences I’ve gained, and what I’ve learned along the way as I finish my thesis and complete the program.

*** To read the full article, see the Spring 2013 issue of Techniques, pages 1-5, 7.

Summary of contents:

  • Applying theory to practice — the “practice” versus “theory” debate
  • Master of Arts degree is synonomous with “adaptable”
  • How to benefit from networking as a technical communication graduate student and technical writer
  • How an online graduate degree prepares you training, working, and teaching
  • Technical Communication is a Multidisciplinary Field
  • Minnesota State University, Mankato, fulfilled my goals for a master’s degree in technical communication


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Choosing a Technical Communication Graduate Program

As I enter the penultimate semester of my graduate degree program, I wanted to reflect on whether the program I chose is still the correct option for me. This reflection, coupled with answering questions and watching a coworker embark on a similar graduate school selection process, has prompted me to document the research I performed that helped me to choose a graduate program as a technical communicator.

This is an important distinction to make—I wrote “as a technical communicator” and not “in technical communication.” A lesson I have learned is Continue reading


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