About me

My name is Fer. I am a technical writer. This is my soccer shoe ->

Welcome to ferswriteshoe.

I am a Knowledgebase Technical Writer at a security software company, located in San Diego, California. I received my BA in English from the University of Maine, Farmington and my MA in English, Technical Communications degree at Minnesota State University, Mankato. I am currently working on my PhD in Technical Communication and Rhetoric at Texas Tech University.

Purpose of this blog
My position gives me considerable flexibility and as a result, I am able to work on several projects that may be of interest to other technical communicators. Generally, as I am also a current Technical Communications graduate student, I have the opportunity to combine the theoretical aspect as I learn new concepts in my courses with the practical as I implement these ideas in the real world. I think that this offers me a unique perspective and I wanted a place where I could share the results of this integration of the theoretical/practical. I also hope that other technical communicators will contribute by sharing their experience and knowledge here as well.

The image is, in fact, of my left shoe.

STC San Diego Chapter

Council for Programs in Technical and Scientific Communication

Council for Programs in Technical and Scientific Communication

Gesellschaft für Technische Kommunikation

Gesellschaft für Technische Kommunikation

For further information about Fer O’Neil

Fer ONeil Curriculum Vitae (6.14.2013)

Rescue is not certain…

How to contact me
Twitter: @ferswriteshoe
LinkedIn: Fer O’Neil
Email: ferswriteshoe@gmail.com

Slideshare: http://www.slideshare.net/feroneil/presentations


2 responses to “About me

  1. Hi Kristopher,
    I am a regular reader of your incredibly helpful blog and being a technical writer for the last 4 years, it has led me to develop a lot of insight into being one and I have gained a lot of practical knowledge. With my experience, I am thinking of applying to a Masters program in Tech Comm to a US University, preferably for the next year Fall session. I have actually written a detailed email (asking your opinions/suggestions) to your email ID. Please look into it and I hope you will reply whenever you can.

    Have a good day!!
    Chanakya Das
    Technical Writer
    Bangalore, India

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