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STC Live Webinar 2012: Using YouTube Videos to Enhance “Traditional” Documentation

This webinar was originally given as a presentation at the STC Summit, 2012.

For the audio/video of our original presentation the STC Summit 2012, visit the Summit@aClick site (first 5 minutes free, login required:

Using Videos to Enhance “Traditional” Documentation.

Below are the description and slides for the updated presentation Ben and I gave as an STC Live Web Seminar, 11 December 2012.

Presentation description:

The way users consume information is becoming increasingly visual. Technical communicators can address this need and increase user satisfaction by creating video tutorials.  Ben and Fer present some best practices for choosing topics, creating, sharing, promoting, and measuring the success of video tutorials in YouTube.

Topic description:

Rich media, including video, infographics, screencasts, screen recordings, and flash animation, is an effective tool to supplement and enhance online support documentation. Users are increasingly using sites such as YouTube to share video-tutorials for tasks such as replacing a print cartridge in a printer, to basic software tutorials.

If your organization is considering using video tutorials, this session will provide real-world examples and ideas from two different companies that are using video tutorials with success.

This presentation will discuss what content to produce, how to best deliver it, and why it is more effective for increasing customer satisfaction for some users than text-only support documentation. Additionally, technical communicators can incorporate rich media into their social media strategy to leverage content across several channels thereby reaching the most users possible.


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#STC12 Conference Session Review: Introduction to Global English & Functional Design

I really enjoyed John Kohl’s presentation on his extensive work with writing Global English. I particularly appreciate how John Kohl includes many examples to demonstrate the theory behind his suggestions. I will not summarize his session in this post because Sarah Maddox gave a great session recap in her blog, so instead I will focus my time reviewing Jürgen Muthig’s presentation on Functional Design. Continue reading


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STC Summit 2012 Presentation: Using Video in Tech Comm

I am excited to be presenting at this year’s STC Summit. Last year I presented in the Beyond the Bleeding Edge session on how technical writers can leverage their skills to contribute to an organization’s social media strategy. An ancillary benefit to attending the conference was that I met Ben Johnson. Proof that STC member networking works, Continue reading


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The Technical Writer’s Influence on Social Media Strategy

Originally published: Fer O’Neil, Techniques, Spring 2011, page 8.


Social Media Specialist Wanted: Technical Communicators Need Not Apply

Would you like to find a technical communications position working with social media making between $75k and $100k a year? Of course you would, but you will not find one advertised on Craigslist (or any other job search). There are hundreds of new social media positions available but nearly all are offered within the “Marketing/Advertising/PR job category. Then why are you reading about a job search for a job that does not exist?    see below to continue reading…

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STC Summit 2011 – Beyond The Bleeding Edge

The Technical Writer’s Influence on Social Media Strategy
Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Most social media strategies focus on new marketing trends, sales opportunities, or public relations. However, these strategies are driven by a company’s fear of inaction rather than a desire to provide the support that Web 2.0 users expect. Can technical communicators leverage their user experience expertise to contribute to an effective social media initiative?

SlideShare Presentation

Click here for the STC Session Information page.


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