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Rhetorical & #TechComm Analysis of AT&T “CPNI” Opt-Out Email

As I have mentioned in previous posts (analysis of hacking responses and Kickstarter PR response), as more PR and marketing communications concern technical issues (either directly regarding a technology or technological information about a product or service) there is a need for writers who can write both technical and rhetorically — that is, knowing not just what to say but how and where.

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Report: Usability testing of the MnOnline website

Last year (2011) I completed a usability study of the MnOnline website ( for a project in ENG 674 User Experience at Minnesota State University, Mankato. This was my first foray into both UX/Usability research and writing a quantitative report.

The final document is available to view by opening the PDF from the following link:

Report: Usability testing of the MnOnline website


Report: Webinar Best Practices for Online Learning and Collaboration

Redesigned Help File with graphics and video

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Article Review: Adapting Usability Investigations for Agile User-centered Design

Sy, Desiree. 2007. “Adapting Usability Investigations for Agile User-centered Design.” Journal of Usability Studies 2 (3) (May): 112-132.


Autodesk ( develops popular software that although many people may not have used, most people know of their flagship product—AutoCAD 3D rendering software. Because of the complex nature of the software and the steep learning curve to learn how to use it, Autodesk has invested in many avenues for creating a better user experience. From traditional usability testing to avant-garde applications and uses of social media, Autodesk realizes that the key to their continuing success is to continue providing end-to-end customer experiences (Gilbane Group 2011).

Adapting Usability for Agile UCD
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